Date and TimeTitle
May 4, 2022
9:00am - 9:05am (Pacific)
Welcome: Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit
May 4, 2022
9:05am - 9:30am (Pacific)
Analyst Keynote: Delivering Analytics at The Speed of Transactions with Data Fabric

It is no more an argument that data is the most critical asset for any business to succeed. While 85% of organizations want to improve their use of data insights in their decision making, according to a Forrester Survey, 91% of the respondents report that improving the use of data insights in decision making is challenging. To make data driven decision, organizations often turn to the data lakes, data lakehouses, cloud data warehouse etc. as their single source data repository. But the hard reality is that data is and will be spread across various repositories across cloud and regional boundaries. Learn from renowned Forrester analyst and VP at Forrester, Noel Yuhanna: - Why Data Fabric Is the best way to unify distributed data - How Data Fabric be leveraged for data discovery, predictive analytics, data science and more - Why data virtualization technology is key in building an Enterprise Data Fabric

May 4, 2022
9:30am - 9:52am (Pacific)
Customer Keynote: CITY Furniture: Building an Enterprise-wide Logical Data Fabric at the Core of Their Digital Transformation

CITY Furniture, a Florida based retail giant, realized that bringing data from its orbital position to the core nucleus of the business decision-making was critical to meeting its business goals. That required an enterprise-wide digital transformation where data science and advanced analytics became the foundation for the company's new digital business model. Building a Logical Data Fabric allowed CITY Furniture to democratize their data and empower all their distributed data consumers. Learn how the fast-growing retail company could virtualize all its data sources and create a semantic layer to connect and deliver critical data-driven insights to all data consumers. This integrated data view empowered data users from marketing, sales, operations, supply chain, and merchandising functions to make critical insights-driven decisions that helped CITY Furniture increase their market share and grow the business beyond the borders of Florida.

May 4, 2022
9:52am - 10:10am (Pacific)
Partner Keynote: Amazon Web Services (AWS): Best Practices for Cloud Migrations with Zero Disruption and Downtime

Moving enterprise data to the Cloud, whether entirely or partially, is a priority for almost all organizations. The journey to the Cloud can be smooth and indeed will be accelerated when conforming to a clear and well-considered set of best practices that we have laid out. The advantage of following migration best practices are that downtimes and disruptions are virtually eliminated or, in the worst case, significantly minimized. Downtimes and disruptions cause significant damage in the form of lower customer responsiveness as well as expensive resource outlays. In this session by Vaishali Ghiya, Head of Marketplace, Networking, Security, Data & Analytics, AI & ML, Storage at AWS, we will discuss what these best practices exactly are. We will also focus on how cloud migrations can be made seamless by the presence of a logical data fabric to securely connect all systems across on-premises and the cloud while giving business users easy access to all underlying data. You will learn how AWS and Denodo come together to help enterprises migrate their diverse workloads to the cloud without disruption or downtime.

May 4, 2022
10:10am - 10:26am (Pacific)
Partner Keynote: Accelerate Cloud Migrations and Architecture with Data Virtualization
May 4, 2022
10:26am - 10:44am (Pacific)
Denodo Keynote: How Guided Data Discovery Leads Users to Better Data Insights

The road to better data insights is not only dependent on data accessibility, but is even more reliant on the guided approach for data discovery. The data landscape is vast and has become even harder to navigate. Ability to access your data is no longer sufficient, we need systems to guide us to the right data, and more importantly to enable us to ask better questions. We are reliant on the guiding principles in our daily lives, when we shop online, watch movies, and much more. The same concepts apply to our enterprise data. Join our session to learn how Denodo can provide the guidance and guardrails for the better data insights.

May 4, 2022
10:44am - 11:19am (Pacific)
Experts Panel: Can you Really Democratize Your Data?

In this session, experts from analysts, end-user, technology partner organizations and Denodo will discuss whether you actually can democratize your data using a logical data fabric and how this breeds success.

May 4, 2022
11:19am - 11:35am (Pacific)

Please feel free to take a break to Engage with Partners and Experts and network with your Peers. 

May 4, 2022
11:35am - 12:07pm (Pacific)
Fireside Chat: Governing Data Marketplaces with a Logical Data Fabric

Data marketplaces are great and the idea of democratization is the next frontier to cross for organizations. However when you allow access to data to data citizens, you need to make sure it is properly governed. Here we will discuss how to implement proper data governance using advanced features such as semantic tagging and AI to facilitate a secure data marketplace

May 4, 2022
11:35am - 12:01pm (Pacific)
Delivering Faster Insights with a Logical Data Fabric

We will learn from our speakers today how a logical data fabric helps organisations realise faster insights. They will touch on the recent Forrester total economic impact report, as well as discuss real life customer use cases where a demonstrably faster time to insights helped achieve better decision making, supporting improved business goals. 

May 4, 2022
11:35am - 12:14pm (Pacific)
Newscast: The Role of the Data Mesh in Data Democratization

The concept of a data mesh is a relatively recent concept, having first been discussed by Zhamak Dehghani in 2019. In this newscast Ravi Shankar CMO of Denodo will examine how the principals of Data Mesh are a key way of achieving data democratization. He will also set aside plenty of time in the session to answer questions around how best to get started with a data mesh and how data virtualization is an ideal technology to underpin the concepts and processes

May 4, 2022
12:14pm - 12:46pm (Pacific)
Panel: How Data Virtualization Helps You Reduce Your Data Replication Costs.

As noted in the recent Forrester Total Economic Impact report on Data Virtualization, Data Virtualization is a key technology in reducing your data replication costs. We will hear from leading practitioners from Mainline Information Systems and Estes Express Lines on how Data Virtualization helps their customers reduce their data replication costs and also reduces compliance and privacy risks by maintaning one source of the truth. 

May 4, 2022
12:14pm - 12:43pm (Pacific)
Presentation with Demo: Semantics in Enhancing Data Governance and Security

In this session, Pablo Alvarez, Global Director of Product Management, takes you for a deep dive into the exciting uses of semantics in data management. He will discuss why semantics are important for your data strategy, and how they radically change the approach to manage things like self service, security and governance. He will showcase some of the new semantic-related features, for example the new tag-based security policies, and how they can greatly simplify securing data at the enterprise level. 

May 4, 2022
12:14pm - 12:41pm (Pacific)
Presentation: Total Economic Impact of Data Virtualization Using Denodo Platform

In 2021 Forrester Research published the Data Virtualization Total Economic Impact Report. In this session we will delve into the details of the report and highlight it's key findings, including to true value of Data Virtualization and its impact on the bottom line. 

May 4, 2022
12:46pm - 1:00pm (Pacific)
Networking Break
May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:25pm (Pacific)
Mejora el Rendimiento y la Gobernanza de tus Datos con un Data Fabric Lógico

"n esta presentación, veremos el papel de la arquitectura de Data Fabric lógica en el ecosistema actual de gestión de datos, revisaremos una arquitectura de referencia para gobierno de datos y nuevos patrones para gobierno federado como el Data Mesh. Presentaremos mejores prácticas de experiencias de implantación de clientes.

May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:35pm (Pacific)
Canadian Privacy Panel: Compliance Made Easy with Data Virtualization LIVE

With the recent passing of Quebec's Bill 64 and the current provisions of PIPEDA,  There are now two Acts Canadian businesses need to adhere to. .  Both will have a huge impact on how businesses that serve the Canadian and Quebec markets collect, use and transfer data , forcing them to provide specific reasons and need for the personal data they gather and to prove their compliance with the principles established by the regulations. 
 Non-compliance of these regulations can have severe financial impact on businesses.   Your most prudent strategy is to start preparing now. But how?  This session will address how data virtualization  is a straight-forward solution to many of the challenges and questions associated with this new Canadian Privacy Acts. 

May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:29pm (Pacific)
Demo: How Does the Denodo Platform Accelerate Your Time to Insights?

In this demo session, we will illustrate the power of Denodo and delve into how Denodo helps organisations make sense of disparate silos of data. We will demonstrate the Denodo advanced data catalogue and our AI/ML features that help organizations democratize and govern their data. 

May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:31pm (Pacific)
Como o Sicredi implementou a Democratização de Dados utilizando a Plataforma Denodo (presented in Portuguese)

Um bate-papo da jornada de implantação da virtualização de dados no Sicredi desde a seleção da solução passando pelos diversos casos de uso. 

May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:32pm (Pacific)
Panel:The power of Denodo for data services/API management

This session will focus on discussing the very important topic of data services, we will speak about how Denod supported them on their journey to providing a powerful open data service consumed by many applications, we will also look at how this has really impacted on the business in a positive way. 

May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:38pm (Pacific)
Security at the Foundation of Data Democratization

Data democratization is at the center stage of modern data initiatives, and a key element of self-service and data marketplace implementations. At the same time, transition to cloud and hosted environments from an on-prem culture are the norm. They are also the perfect scenario for exposing confidential or sensitive information to criminal elements. Recent regulations, like GDPR, HIPPA and many others, have put an emphasis on secure data handling. However, implementations at the enterprise level are far from easy. Fortunately, it has also been the focus of many data management vendors, including Denodo. For this session, we have assembled a group of industry leaders to review how the industry has adapted to address these issues, how to implement secure practices effectively, and to review future needs and trends. 

May 4, 2022
1:00pm - 1:33pm (Pacific)
Demostración: ¿Cómo acelera la plataforma Denodo su tiempo para obtener información? (Presented in Spanish)

In this demo session, we will illustrate the power of Denodo and delve into how Denodo helps organisations make sense of disparate silos of data. We will demonstrate the Denodo advanced data catalogue and our AI/ML features that help organizations democratize and govern their data.